Professional CS:GO player from New Zealand loses life in Christchurch attack

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  New Zeland lost one of its best Counter-Strike players Crazyarab in the horrific?act of violence that unfolded during the Christchurch Mosque attack on March 15, 2019. He was one amongst the 49 worshippers who died as a result of ope gunfire inside the Mosque.?

  Undoubtedly one of the most popular names in CS:GO?community in New Zeland as well as across the gaming circuit, Crazyarab was a big part of CSNZ (Counter-Strike New Zealand) in the early 2000s.

  The news first broke out on Twitter when his fellow teammate Nick Shaw took to Twitter to share the grief of all those who have been affected by the horrendous act in the country.

  Crazyarab had joined the old gaming forums back in 2000 when he was only 17. He then started playing Counter-Strike and became a professional gamer, competing at national as well as international levels. His first CSNZ clan was?M4H. He boasted of several wins in one xLAN (considered the best tournament for CSS in New Zealand in its prime) after another, fairly remaining unbeaten in almost every online gaming competition that played host.

  It was only after 2006 WCG fiasco that drove him away from the gaming world but he kept continuing as a professional player, only with less passion. Alongside CS, he also played?WoW since 2012. Around this time, he had reduced his gaming hours and was involved in his happy personal life.

  During his time away from CS, Crazyarab also actively participated in Tennis and Golf as outdoor sports alongside working as a primary school teacher. Now in his 30s, he was a great example for the budding gamers in New Zealand who met with an unfortunate fate.

  In a tribute to Crazyarab on Reddit, one user shared the fact that the two had played together only a couple of weeks ago. It is indeed sad to witness such brutal actions which play out against the innocents. We wish the deceased rest in peace and their families find the strength to cope up with the loss of their loved ones.